Thank You

Thanks for scheduling your appointment, if you have not paid please pay for service on the payment page.

What to know before your session

Some locations use private rooms so there may not be a waiting area to use if you show up very early. In those cases you may need to wait in your car, or someplace nearby.

If it’s your first session with Summer Greenlees, there may be waiver forms and / or intake forms to fill out.

If you have any questions please contact Summer.

What to bring to Watsu

Your freshly showered body, wearing no oils, lotions, or perfumes.

Please wear a bathing suit and bring a change of clothes, a robe, a towel, poolside shoes, a non-glass water bottle, a journal and pen if you like.

*At the Lockheart pool location, please be prepared to go and get something to eat and/or go home to shower, eat, and rest directly after Watsu. This location is also a private home.

Be sure to be well hydrated before and after your Watsu.