Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is fundamentally an opportunity for self-nurturing for moms just as postnatal yoga will be a great activity and bonding time for mom and baby. A yoga practice pursued with principles of embodiment is an opportunity to develop the trust you want for a grounded and centered approach to birth.

In teaching prenatal yoga we encourage a basis of trust in any of the movement forms – trust your breath, your inner sense of time, your felt sense of presence, your connection with your baby and rest in your deepest self to shift away from maternal anxiety and stress.

Discovering your own embodiment will elevate the perceptions of your core sense of self and what choices you can make to nurture and support your pregnancy. As you include more of your physical embodiment in your decisions you will choose what’s appropriate for you whether in your yoga class, work, relationships, or at your birth. Everything comes up during pregnancy and the peace of mind of self-acceptance is shown to serve the wellbeing of the growing baby.

As doulas and yoga teachers, we know there’s no substitute for principles that esteem your inner experience in creating a vital and safe yoga practice. When taking prenatal yoga classes please always trust your experience first and avoid discomfort or pain and move into comfort. Let go of the burden of expectations of how you should look and feel and explore what you most need to enhance your mood, outlook and intentions and prepare you for the physicality of childbirth.

Taking yoga classes even if only in the last trimester has been linked to improved birth outcomes and reduced labor time. We’re fortunate in Austin to have so many choices for yoga to support and strengthen the pregnant body and encourage finding a class where you experience community with others during your pregnancy.

Encourage your physical strength and wellbeing, your compassion and self-surrender in all areas of life as a way forward with your birth and new life as a mother, your changing family, your inner self and spirit, your baby, your partner and community and strengthen your body to prevent and ease common discomforts of pregnancy, and to prepare you for birth and motherhood.

Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga with Baby (pre-crawlers)

Postnatal Yoga with baby is the perfect opportunity to tune into yourself and your baby away from the everyday distractions and things to do.

This unique yoga practice is adaptable to suit you and your babies needs the day of class.

With a little baby to consider, the yoga practice is different each time. Some days you may spend more time in yoga play with baby, or more time practicing Yoga yourself, or you may have days when tending to the babies needs takes up more of the class time. We go with the flow and find our yoga practice in being present in the moment with ourselves and our babies and what the moment with them offers us.

Postnatal yoga practices help the mother’s body to heal from birth and pregnancy, and encourages the return to Pre Pregnancy physiology.

Specific yoga practices rehabilitate the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, while strengthening the back, releiving stress and tension in commonly stressed areas, like the neck and shoulders, or hips and low back. Other Yoga practices help to replenish your energy stores from caring for your new baby, with restorative and deep relaxation practices. The gentle and uplifting quality of the active portion of the class helps to get energy flowing helping to uplift the spirit and reducing tendency towards postpartum depression.
The meditative focus of the class is most helpfull for the hectic moments and the intensity of postpartum adjustments and transitions.
Helping us to find peace, calm, and centered-ness even when our babies cry, or when life with baby gets chaotic.

Baby Yoga Play and Infant Massage Principles are incorporated into each class for fun connecting time with baby.

Most Importantly, the time we spend together with other Moms and babies- talking, visiting, being resources of information, inspiration, and caring community for each other- This can be the greatest benefit of Postnatal Yoga.

Summer Greenlees also offers a Beginners’ Circle and Vinyasa Circle Yoga classes.