Summer Greenlees’ Reviews!

Read what people say about Summer’s offerings including Massage, Yoga, Nutrition and more.

  • Liz Baker LMT

    A Deep Remembering: My first Watsu session Experiencing A natural state of flow, connecting with the fluid nature of my body, I felt tension dissolve, even down to the joints and ligaments. Summer held me in such a nurturing way, I was able to fully relax and be. The experience was not only embryonic, but…

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  • Murali R.

    Summer is the best thing that has happened to Austin, Texas. Her dedication, skill and experience resonate through her work. Lovely location and ambience. All austinites must definitely pay a visit. Totally refreshed and relaxed after the massage. Thank you so much Summer!

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  • Misty

    Receiving Watsu from Summer was the most soothing thing for my soul and body during my pregnancy and postpartum. It was the perfect gentle support that my body needed to feel safe and heal. With the support from Summer and the warm water, it was easy to relax and release.

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  • Pamela C.

    Summer provides a soothing and relaxing massage that leaves you feeling exceptionally invigorated. The combination of yoga and massage is very beneficial in working out tension and sore muscles. Summer also provides suggestions for taking care of your whole being! I have been to many massage therapists and Summer is without a doubt one of…

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