Summer Greenlees, calm pose

Summer believes a personal yoga practice can allow her students more clarity and focus. Yoga helps to prevent injuries and heals tension, as well as improves posture and quality of movement. Yoga empowers and transforms us. Practice, essentially, is treating yourself to the gift of self-care. Ease of breath, better balance, and stress relief, the consistent practice also promotes strength, flexibility, healthy range of motion, and improves circulation.

Integrative and therapeutic, Summer’s classes focus on harmonizing mind, body, and nature. Offering an individualized approach, Summer assists her students in their building skills so that movements are safely and mindfully practiced. Summer supports her students to feel more refreshed, more grounded, and more open. Each student feels as if they have received a lovely, gentle, full-body therapeutic massage.

Currently, Summer has 3 Yoga workshop or series options for private or small group classes or workshops/retreats.

Yoga Nature- A fundamentals of yoga course for a great introduction, or re introduction into crafting your own yoga practice, based on your individual needs and wellness goals.

The Breathing Workshop- A workshop or series focused only on the Breath, Breathwork, the anatomy of the breath, breath for movement and meditation, the health benefits of breathing, dismantling holding patterns and establishing healthy, natural breathing practices most appropriate for you.

Birth Preparation Workshop- A private or small group class, 2.5 hrs long, in which I teach Birth partners all of my hands on skills and tools to support the laboring partner with massage and yoga techniques to lower the experience of stress and pain, and increase the love, good energy, and bonding experience of a loving Birth Experience, regardless of the location of the birth, or the Birth plan. This class has been taught to hundreds of birthing couples, during my 12 year career as a Doula supporting births with techniques for Massage Therapy, Yoga, and somatic/embodiment practices. The classes always result in the couple feeling much more relaxed and prepared, for their birth journey.

Summer is currently offering private yoga sessions, In person, at Sol Healing and Wellness Center, by outcall to your home or location, and virtually by zoom, by appointment. Learn more by getting in touch: