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Summer Greenlees has worked as a full-time, professional massage therapist and yoga instructor for over 20 years.

Her yoga classes and yoga therapy sessions are based on a somatic approach, strongly inspired by her Yoga teacher, Donna Farhi, and her own 20 years of experience with yoga, bodywork and maternity support.

Her yoga series classes taught privately or in a small group session provide a foundation for the beginner or seasoned yoga practitioner to discover or re discover his or her own way of moving and being in yoga practice that is truly integrative and supportive of the individuals highest well being and personal wellness goals.

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Summer’s yoga classes are deeply rejuvenating, and masterfully taught.

As a longtime practitioner, I especially appreciate how she brings her extensive knowledge of the body and healthy movement to the mat, and how she provides a loving, supportive structure within which students get to explore and feel the effects of the practice, not just hurry through to get to the next pose.

Thank you Summer, for being an expert teacher, sharing your wisdom with the world!

Liz Belile

Summer is an absolutely exceptional yoga teacher. My wife and I have been going to yoga classes for more than twenty years (in Canberra, Durban, London and Austin), but encountering Summer’s classes three or four years ago was a revelation. In the class, you may feel you are not doing very much, but afterwards you feel revitalized. Summer’s classes put one on the road to profound personal transformation, and are quite unlike any other classes we have taken.

R. M. Sainsbury

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