Please see this link below for the Watsu Website to learn more about Watsu and Aquatic Bodywork in general, and about current updates.

Watsu official website

Watsu is my favorite healing modality to practice.

I am a certified Watsu Practitioner and I have been practicing  since 2010.

It is my goal to have an active Watsu practice when the quarantine is lifted and it is safe and healthy to do so.


The earth is mostly water,

Our bodies are mostly water.

We are carried in our mothers womb in the waters of the amniotic fluid.

Our bodies and the foundational movement patterns of our bodies formed in a fluid state of being.

Water is inteligent, powerful, and healing.


Watsu is a form of aquatic bodywork created by Harrold Dull. It has roots in Shiatsu and is a breath based, deeply meditative art of healing bodywork in water.

You receive Watsu in the same way you would receive massage therapy on land, by relaxing and passivley receiving.

It is possible to access deep healing in watsu.

Beyond the releif and benefit that watsu can bring to the physical body. the tension and stress releif as in any theraputic and deeply relaxing bodywork session..

The potential is there to explore deeper layers in the subconsious body mind while being supported, held, moved, stretched, and massaged while floating in worm, body temperature water.