Organic Superfood Nutrition

When practicing Yoga as an everyday lifestyle path of wellness care, You cannot avoid paying attention to the quality of the foods that you eat, and how the foods you eat make you feel.

Consuming high amounts of living, raw, nutrient dense, organic, non gmo, alkalizing green superfoods on a regular basis can do wonders to restore your own, natural, and optimal health and wellness.

In every day life, in our modern culture, if can be difficult to access and feed yourself the right amount of fresh veggies and meals, and balancing nutrition can often seem highly complicated, and expensive.

But having access to the most basic nutrition that our bodies require is our Birthright, as it is our Birthright to feel amazing and vibrant, healthy and well.

I used to view my role as a Doula as being in service to restoring access to our most basic human need, to be held after birth. As I am no longer practicing as a Doula, and since discovering this vital source of superfood nutrition, it is my joy to serve in connecting people with most basic need for nourishment. When we have access and are not inhibited by the Industrialized world to access nature and her gifts of health, healing and wellness, we naturally thrive. Our body needs living green foods to stay alkaline and healthy on a cellular level.

I discovered a source of superfoods in 2015 that radically improved my health and well being and has been the most potent self care tool that I have ever discovered, after over 20 years of deep study, exploration, and practice in the realms of yoga, bodywork, and wellness.

When I began using the superfoods, my massage therapist of over 8 years, April Winsbury, was so impressed by the transformation that my body went through, that she is now also a customer of the superfoods, and has her own health transformation story to share now, as well. She witnessed my knots and tension lessen, my inflamation decrease, my muscle tone improve, my skin elasticity improve, my face and mind clear up, and my spirits lift.

My skin cleared up, I went down 3 clothing sizes, my tooth stopped hurting, I experienced a tremendous help with the PTSD, chronic depletion and burnout that I was experiencing at the time. I felt radiant and everyone around me noticed the difference. I continue to feel better and better as I age. In many ways I feel better in my 40s than I have at any other age, and I know without a doubt, that it is because of the superfood source that I discovered.

I was able to return to offering Bodywork professionally, something I seriously considered letting go of because of burnout and depletion. Thanks to this profound self care tool of superfood nutrition, I am actually able to continue working as a Body-worker, while having the proper self care tools available to me to sustain myself. The use of these superfoods has interwoven with my yoga practice, and together, my yoga and my superfoods are my self care power tools for radiant living.

Connecting friends, loved ones, and clients with this source of health and wellness is, I believe, the greatest gift I can give someone.

To be able to have access to an affordable, convenient, online superfood store which sources you with non oxidized, alkalizing, nourishing, healing plant medicine and superfoods will serve your health and wellness so much more than any massage or bodywork session I can give you.

Using the superfoods, developing your own self care practice with yoga, and coming in for Bodywork monthly or seasonally as a minimum, getting out into nature as much as possible, getting enough sleep, sunlight, and water, is a winning combination for your Wellness support.

I am here to support you on your Wellness Care Journey with these tools of Yoga, Watsu, Bodywork, and Superfood Nutrition. I am available for a free wellness consultation, 50.00-100.00 gift card to get started, and ongoing support with this healthy lifestyle and self care support system. When you gain access to your new online superfood store, you will always have access to me as your support person to guide you and assist you as needed, or with a health reset program.

You do not have to be Vegan, Paleo, Keto, or adhere to any other strict dieting to include high quality nutrition from whole foods into your everyday self care habits.

Here is a link with more information about our Online Organic Superfood Store, and our mission to change the standard american diet, Improve peoples health and wellness, and to create positive change in the american farming and food distribution systems.

The way that we feed ourselves and our families has a direct impact on how we, as a human community, care for the mother earth. The choices that we make with our purchases and food choices, have effects for our planet. I believe it is a top priority that we make these choices consciously, and that we have the power to improve our health as well as the health of the planet through our everyday consumption choices.

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