Yoga Nature Series

A 9-session Private Yoga Program with Summer Greenlees

Starting a new Yoga Practice this year or renewing your Yoga Practice commitment?

Do you want to take a deep dive and renew yourself through a compassionate and therapeutic self-care yoga practice?

I got you.

Announcing the Yoga Nature Series, this 9-session yoga class is designed to assist you in cultivating or recreating your own personalized, embodied somatic yoga practice.

Each private yoga session will be available in Austin at my Little Retreat space, Shuniya Yoga Collective or virtually as needed.

Join today and book your 9x 75-minute private yoga classes, for just $800.

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About this Yoga Series

Organized around the moving principles from Donna Farhi’s book, Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit, this is a Yoga Fundamentals Course with references and assigned reading in the book to complement the course. In this series, we move through developmental movement repatterning to discover the origins of your best alignment in yoga practice and everyday life movements to reduce strain, promote longevity, and reduce injury.

This journey is an opportunity for a rebirth of yourself. It is an opportunity to repattern your habitual posture and movements to your original patterns of wholeness and harmony, dismantling patterns that do not serve you and establishing a new way of being in your body. How we practice yoga can be a blueprint for the rest of our lives, moving forward with support, clarity, stability, and ease.

Books by Donna Farhi recommended for the series include:

  • Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit
  • The Breathing Book
  • Bringing Yoga to life.

After completing the 9-week series, you can expect to:

  • Establish a personal yoga practice and get the most out of your practice time in a public class based on your unique structure and individual needs, intentions and goals.
  • Be empowered with yoga, breathing, meditation, and restorative practices and tools to support your specific intentions and requests based on the sensory memory bank you develop during the series.
  • Feel confident in your understanding of yoga as a beginner or have a deeper understanding of yoga as an experienced practitioner.
  • Feel more comfortable in seated meditation positions for longer durations.
  • Have better balance and stability in everyday life movements and yoga postures.
  • Have a deeper understanding of yourself, an expanded awareness of your embodied somatic experience, and deeper listening skills within your interception.
  • Improve your daily posture.
  • Reduce strain & tension in your body.
  • Understand your breath, dismantle patterns that inhibit free breathing, and re-establish healthy, natural breathing patterns in the body.
  • Understand your optimal alignment.
  • Experience yoga as your everyday way of life and improve your relationships with yourself, your community, and our world.

Get your Yoga Renewal Package

The Yoga Renewal Series is a series of private yoga classes available in Austin at my Little Retreat Cabin or at the Shuniya Yoga Collective (on 1st, 3rd, and 5th Saturday afternoons – payment & scheduling through my links below).

  • Package of 9x 75 minute private yoga classes: $800

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Extra Yoga Renewal Benefits

These private yoga classes and series packages always address concerns that come up to be addressed during Massage Therapy appointments. Using tools from yoga and insights from repatterning that you can learn to apply for yourself.

Private Yoga class Packages are perfect for Yoga Beginners or those seeking to begin again with a journey of personal renewal.

An ideal way to establish or deepen your self-care yoga practice.

My private yoga sessions always include:

  • Developmental movement repatterning
  • Embodied somatic anatomy
  • A Therapeutic and  Integrative, inquiry-based, and breath-based approach that unconditionally honors your experience and your wholeness.

Each session is adapted to your individual needs and goals.

Payment Options

Summer accepts payments via PayPal, Stripe and Venmo.

Yoga Nature Series

9-sessions private yoga classes. A special program by Summer Greenlees.


Have any Questions?

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