Organic Superfood Nutrition

Ecological, Nutritional Wisdom and Activism.

Yoga provides us with a holistic lifestyle practice.
This of course includes what we eat every day.

When we practice an embodied, somatic yoga practice, we notice more and more the effects of the foods that we eat on our bodies, and we notice how what we eat affects how we feel.

As yoga practitioners, we also become increasingly aware of how our purchases and our daily life actions affect the world that we live in. Choosing what we buy and consume is also part of our yoga practice, as we learn more and more about how our actions affect us, our communities, and the earth. We experience in a more and more direct way, how all things are connected, and we notice more and more how our yoga practices effect other areas of our lives like how we eat, what we buy, how we sleep, how we talk to ourselves, how we interact with others, How we steward our planet and resources, one thing affecting the next, all of it working together.

As we refine our inner perception, we can discover ourselves as an interconnected Mandala, with all these aspects of our wholeness feeling more and more cohesive and less compartmentalized.

In my personal life experience, my yoga practice and my vibrant superfood nutrition are the two biggest gifts in my life, and the two things that keep me as healthy, resilient, healed and healing, well, and mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally self cared for, and in balance, as much as possible.

I highly recommend this superfood nutrition resource as a key element in your daily self-care rituals.

It is a very simple and cost-effective way to make eating well and feeling great more accessible for everyone.

As a working Mother and Wellness Professional, I am all about discovering resources that make optimal, everyday health easy, affordable, and convenient.

In my experience, this source of superfood nutrition that I began using in 2015 and have been using consistently since then, has been why I celebrate the level of health that I enjoy today.

Health Benefits

Health benefits that I personally experience with the daily use of living superfood nutrition;

  • better dental health
  • better mood
  • clearer skin
  • hormonal health and happiness
  • skin elasticity
  • mental clarity
  • great results from minimal workouts
  • no digestive issues
  • less inflammation and aches
  • greater resilience in the face of stress and challenges.
  • no longer feel severely depleted
  • Sugar cravings resolved
  • I make better food choices more easily
  • no more hangry attacks, I feed myself easily in between clients and with a busy schedule much more easily.
  • I Save money eating out and eat less fast food and processed food.

When I experienced these results for myself, from including this potent nourishment into my life- I became curious as to why the profound results, and I learned that we are just not getting enough nutrition in our food supply in the US. Many of the health issues that we struggle with are less prevalent in countries where they grow food differently, manage crops and pesticides differently, and distribute food differently than we do.

In reality, it is urgent that we create change in the US in regards to our Standard American Diet, the Standard American Farming and food distribution systems which are actually causing radical harm to our planet and to our health.

Purium Superfoods

Purium superfood company has been manufacturing superfoods for over 25 years.

Their superfoods are grown with sustainable, regenerative agriculture.

They use the lowest carbon footprint food delivery system, check out this video:

They have gone plastic free and use compostable packaging

They have 5 tiers of purity testing, beyond the USDA Organic standards.

The foods are live dehydrated at the source, so the green drink powders, for example, are living and non oxidized. The chlorophyll tablets, for example, are cold pressed. Many healing results come from the living enzymes in our food. Most green products that you can find on a shelf are already oxidized, no longer living foods.

The products are formulated in accordance with and inspired from Naturopathy, plant science, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, and herbal wisdom from different regions of the world. They are highly micro and macro nutrient dense, and they are highly efficient and easily digestible and deeply nourishing and alkalizing.

In summary, ordering superfoods from this company is one, simple thing that we can do to make better care for our planet and better care for our bodies more accessible, possible, and convenient for more people.

As a yoga practitioner, I recognize the importance of the purchasing choices that I make, and what the impact of everyday choices have on my health and the health of my planet, the two are in separable.

Working together in this way as a community, we can support each other to have better health and better immunity, while helping to change real problems like excessive plastic waste, toxic food farming, packaging and distribution practices that are a real threat to the wellness of our planet and community.

Also, when you order from the online, superfood superstore, using my referral code: summergreenlees, you receive a referral gift for you of 25% off of your order, and I receive a referral reward for every purchase that you make, now and in the future.

Visit Purium Online

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For more information about our movement in ecological nutrition;

Here is a link to a blog with many great links and information regarding everything that I have mentioned above, and more!