What to Expect

For your first massage visit we will complete an intake process including a client-intake-form and a brief interview. During the interview we will want to establish your needs and goals for massage, your basic medical history, preferences for massage, and areas of concern. My intention is that you receive a massage tailored to your individual needs. The interview must also determine if massage is contra-indicated. We will start a file record for you with your signed release form giving you every opportunity to disclose your health condition.

After completing the intake process I’ll leave the room and you can disrobe completely or to you’re level of comfort and remove jewelry items that would interfere with treatment. It is preferred to have the bra off and the chest will be draped throughout the massage. Draping is the standard for keeping the body covered during bodywork. During the massage I will uncover only one area at a time to work.

Massage is always your choice to receive. You can at any time redirect me or request I pause or ask me to change the quality of touch. During the massage your feedback is always welcome as our intention is you receive what you most need.

Breathwork significantly enhances the benefits of massage so I will interweave breath awareness and when needed breath re-education to deepen the massage experience. By participating with your breath you will attune your body towards the healing you most need to receive.

Breathwork and massage are a powerful combination to awaken and cleanse the body. This sensitivity may trigger subtle feelings and experiences otherwise just outside your awareness. Know that you are welcome to experience whatever feelings or sensations you have as the session unfolds.

The basic therapeutic massage is adaptive. What that means is that I respond to your needs changing during the session (or between sessions) based on my best judgment and feedback from you. In a typical session elements of any or all of the modalities offered can be included in your massage and will emphasized as needed. You are always welcome to make requests should you know what you want or want to try something different.

The therapeutic massage session occurs on a padded massage table in a beautiful soothing environment. I use a large flat hot-water bottle underneath your body to promote supports natural breathing and relaxation of the abdominal organs. I have a wide assortment of pillows and bolsters to position your body for comfort and assist during the massage. In colder weather I’ll use warm buckwheat pillows for heat and weight. Unless otherwise specificed I will play relaxing music selections.

You may find yourself at times moved to be silent and inside or vocal and expressive. Whatever mood or state you find yourself in know that the session is confidential and only for you.

If you are a prenatal client you will lay on your side with plenty of pillows for comfort. A special wedge for pregnancy massage will be used to support you in a semi-reclining position. I have extensive prenatal massage qualifications through Bodywork for the Child Bearing Year by Kate Jordan. As I often provide induction massage I am clear what not to do during standard prenatal massage.

If you’re choosing an Asian bodywork session (shiatsu or Thai) then you leave your clothing on (loose comfortable please) and you will lay on a well padded mat on the floor. We will work through passive stretches and movements using pressure, postures, and gravity.

The oils, lotions, and creams I use are provided by Heron’s Nest Herb farm and Wildspirit Botanacles and are 100% organic. These products are hand-made with prayerful intention for your healing.