Body-Conscious Childbirth Class

A unique class for couples to prepare for childbirth with embodied, somatic yoga practices, Labor Massage techniques, and Doula support techniques.
I created this class when I was a Birth Doula to prepare moms and birthing couples for labor by giving them embodied understandings and training they can continue to practice on their own so that they can be best prepared to stay as relaxed, grounded, and connected to their breath, their body, their baby, and each other as much as possible, rather than getting swept away by the sensations, stressors, pain, and activity going on around them during their birth experience.
The objectives of this class are to learn how to skillfully and sustainable lower stress levels and pain levels during labor, birth, and recovery, while optimizing bonding, practicing secure attachment practices, and have the most positive and loving experience possible, given any number of possible changes or outcomes that may happen along the way, during the labor, birth, and recovery period of time.
In this 2.5 hour course your childbirth preparation will progress stage by stage. Helpful practices and awareness will be explored for each stage of labor.
  • Early Labor – Nourishing your connection with your partner and baby.  How to rest, replenish, enjoy each other, and knowing how to stay at home for the maximum reasonable time for you to create momentum going into Active Labor.
  • Active Labor – Pain Coping Techniques and active relaxation.  Understanding the role of the hormonal system in birth physiology and how to reduce stress during labor with hands-on labor massage techniques and positions to practice with your partner.
  • Transition, Pushing & Delivery – Exploring different positions and options, understanding the hospital protocol and procedure, or the homebirth plan. Understanding how to stay connected with your baby’s movement.  Knowing when not to withdraw, engaging each other in the process, Understanding pushing and the muscles to support.
  • Optimal Bonding Postpartum – tuning in to Baby’s perspective, biology, and needs.  The role of touch and breastfeeding.  How to work with hospital protocol to create a safe, soothing, and peaceful experience.

I have taught this class to each of my clients during the 12 years that I was a practicing Birth Doula.

This class was created from a request from one of my first Doula clients.
After her first baby, she wanted to do things differently for the second birth.
She really wanted to be able to not get overwhelmed by stress, intensity and pain, that overwhelmed her the first time, so that she could remain more present and have better coping abilities during the birth.
That is exactly what this class is. I have put together powerful tools from embodied, somatic yoga practices, Massage Therapy for Labor, and Doula tools for supporting the laboring Mom and family.
The class worked beautifully for this client and it has continued to serve hundreds of families since then.
One of my favorite things about this class is experiencing the profound stress and anxiety relief that I observe lifting from Birth Partners. Dads LOVE this class because it empowers them with hands on tools and things they can understand and do to really help lower pain and stress for their birthing partners.