Body-Conscious Childbirth Class

A unique class for couples to prepare for childbirth looking at the body-feelings at each stage of labor with the role of attachment theory.  In this 8 hour course (4 X 2 hrs) your childbirth preparation will progress stage by stage.
  • Early Labor – Nourishing your connection with partner and baby.  How to rest, replenish, enjoy each other and knowing how to stay at home for the maximum reasonable time for you to create momentum going into Active Labor.
  • Active Labor – Pain Coping Techniques and active relaxation.  Understanding the role of hormonal system in birth physiology and how to reduce stress during labor with hands on labor massage techniques and positions to practice with your partner.
  • Transition, Pushing & Delivery – Exploring different positions and options understanding the hospital protocol and procedure.  Understanding how to stay connected with your baby’s movement.  Knowing when not to withdraw, engaging each other in the process, Understanding pushing and the muscles to support.
  • Optimal Bonding Postpartum – tuning in to Baby’s perspective, biology and needs.  The role of touch and breastfeeding.  How to work with hospital protocol to create a safe soothing and peaceful experience.
Design your personal birth plan.   BY REGISTRATION.