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The Heart of Bella Mommie Doula Services

A Note about Beauty from Summer

I chose the name Bella Mommie for my services for the childbearing year because I see every mother as beautiful.

My desire and intention is that each one of my Bella Mommie clientele experiences an atmosphere of beauty and nurturing while receiving their session with me.

I once heard a Chinese saying that pregnant women should only be surrounded by beautiful and joyful images and experiences.

I feel this idea to be very true.

During pregnancy women are more sensitive to their environment. Images, sights, smells, stories on the radio and news have a heightened effect on the prenatal and postnatal mom.

Images of beautiful, round pregnant bodies are not often popular representations of beauty in our culture and daily life.

The time of the childbearing year is a precious time and I feel that in our culture and daily life more room can be made to celebrate and accommodate the special needs of the prenatal and postnatal mom.

My desire and intention in my work is to create this space where Pregnancy and Postpartum is celebrated for the beauty that it is, and the prenatal or postnatal mom can recognize and embrace themselves for the beauty that they are and as much as possible take this awareness into their daily life.

In my work with birth support I have encountered a popular belief or thought by the mother that they are not pretty or beautiful during or after birth. Photographs may not be initially thought of as the best thing – without being well groomed, put-together, or made-up during and after this intense experience of childbirth.

What I see in the prenatal, laboring or post-birth Mom is a radiant, strong beauty. Her energy is strong and purely present. She is going through or has just gone through an experience that pushes her limits and expands her capacity. Her beautiful mother spirit and energy is brought forth and shines through the trials of the experience.

This is a beautiful and transformational experience that I am blessed to support and share in. Thank you!