Doula Services Outline

Summer is a licensed Massage Therapist,(LMT) Yoga Instructor(CYT), and Doula.

I have been practicing massage therapy and Yoga Instruction for 18 years full time with a special focus on Nurturing the mother during the childbearing year.

I have been a practicing Doula for 10 years and I bring the therapeutic tools of Massage and Yoga into my doula practice  to support the expecting couple and birthing mother.

On my Doula team I have Hallie Butler Registered Nurse (RN), and April Winsbury, LMT.

Hallie and April are my back-up doulas in case of emergency, and they are the postpartum support component for my doula services. Hallie has been practicing as a Labor and Delivery nurse here in Austin since 2010, and as a teacher and private instructor for 15 years. She loves to assist women transition into motherhood through birthing practice, pregnancy education and postpartum support.

I have a contract and spreadsheet addendum which outline the details of my doula support package. I often share those documents via google drive with interested couples. The signing of the contract and the payment of the doula services fee is the way to begin your doula services. Please let me know if you would like to receive the contract and spreadsheet for your review

Included in the Doula Package:

My Doula services are paid by an hourly rate of 75.00 per hour. The spreadsheet addendum to the contract outlines in great detail the fees and how they are arranged, but here is a basic idea;

  • A complimentary Doula consultation meeting at my studio, Massage+Yoga, to meet in person and answer any questions you may have, and determine if my services are a fit for you.To schedule your Complimentary Doula Consultation meeting, go to and go to schedule an appointment with the online scheduler. Look under BellaMommie Doula services for doula consultation meeting. If you need an appointment that is not within my normal business hours, please text me at 512-944-9924 and give me two good options of days and times to meet, and I will make one of these options work to meet with you.
  • 2 hours of childbirth preparation with a Private, in your home Childbirth preparation class which specifically gives the birth partner a set of “tools” to use to support the mother during labor.

These tools are the massage and yoga techniques that I use in my doula support services. Breathing, hands on massage and counter pressure techniques to reduce stress and pain during contractions, vocalisations, visualisations, and a whole suite of tools are explored during this private class.

The expecting couple practices the techniques in the days and weeks prior to birth, so that using the techniques will be second nature during labor and birth. For this reason, the class is scheduled 2-4 weeks prior to your due date, so that all of the information can be retained and used for your birth.

  • 12 hours of labor support are allocated for your Doula package. from early labor through the birth and immediate postpartum is included in these hours.

If less hours are used, the remaining pre-paid hours are rolled forward and used for postpartum massage or postpartum doula services. If the hours used during the birth go over 12 hours, we follow up after the birth to bill and pay for the remaining hours given.

  • 2 hours are allocated for postpartum care and  include a 24 hour follow up visit with Hallie and/or April to check on you and support you with massage, nurse care and attention. A second postpartum visit is also included. For your postpartum care we make sure that your nursing and latching on is supported, provide massage therapy to support your relaxation and healing after birth, have all of your questions answered, listen to your birth story, provide you with supportive herbal remedies for postpartum healing and connect you with any further resources or referrals needed.

The total for the above described birth services is 1,250.00

Again, refer to the Birth services contract and spreadsheet addendum for all details, and feel free to call, text, or email Summer with any questions or requests.


Additional Postpartum Support

Hallie Butler provides additional Postpartum Doula Services, including Placenta encapsulation. Placenta Encapsulation has been shown to:

  • Help to balance your hormones
  • Replenish depleted iron levels
  • Assist the uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy state
  • Reduce postpartum bleeding
  • Make for a happier, more enjoyable postpartum period
  • Increase energy levels

She will also be providing Herbal products to support your postpartum wellness.

Herbs I recommend for postpartum care; Postpartum sitzbath herbs, MIlk Mom Tea, Postpartum Wellness tea. More options are available depending on your current concerns and needs. For milk supply support tinctures and cordials, herbal support for mastitis, calm mom tincture for Postpartum stress and anxiety, etc.

Here is a link for our Ginger Webb, Texas Medicinals. You will find her full inventory of Herbs for Moms;

Hallie will purchase and deliver these herbs for you during one of your postpartum visits.

Pay Hallie directly for the cost of the Herbs you would like, and a trip fee may also apply.

For further Postpartum doula care, you are welcome to set that up with Hallie directly beyond the 2 hours provided for in the contract. Additional support is paid directly to Hallie at a rate of $40/hr. Placenta Encapsulation is available for $200. Contact Hallie for questions about Placenta encapsulation services. Hallie Butler (512) 387-6687 or

Prenatal Yoga and Massage Support

In addition to the Birth services contract agreement, It is very helpful to come in regularly for Prenatal Yoga and Prenatal Massages during your pregnancy, for the best possible approach and outcome for your birthing experience.

Doula Clients receive 20.00 off of the regular Prenatal and Postnatal massage rate.

60 minute Massage is 60.00, regular rate is 80.00 per hour

90 minute massage is 85.00, regular rate is 120.00 per hour and a half

2 hour private prenatal massage+yoga session is 120.00, regular rate is 140.00

Schedule your Prenatal Massage online through our website.

or text summer at 512-944-9924

Summer’s massage hours are Mon- Friday (besides Tuesdays) from 8:30am-4:00pm

If you require an evening or weekend Massage appointment, please schedule online with April Winsbury LMT, or Michael Parrish LMT.

Both Michael and April give excellent Prenatal Massages and have been additionally trained by Summer for prenatal considerations.

*Having at least one Massage appointment with April is strongly recommended for doula clients, so that you will have an opportunity to get to know her in the event that you have contact with her during your birth or postpartum experience.


Watsu is aquatic bodywork which is very beneficial, safe, and enjoyable for pregnancy.

In addition to relieving common pregnancy discomforts, Watsu is an excellent childbirth preparation, getting you in tune and deeply connected with your body, your baby, and your breath.

Watsu is given in a warm, body temperature pool.

The client passively receives a shiatsu massage while floating weightless and buoyant.

You are completely supported and your face is always above the surface of the water while you relax and breathe easily.

Watsu rates are the same pricing as the above massage rates. The Watsu pool is located at Floating Lotus Watsu Center, in the home of Sol Community Healing and wellness center.

This location is 2 miles from our Massage+Yoga studio.

See the location website for details and address

Watsu is held on Thursdays and can be scheduled as well with our online scheduler by scheduling an appointment with Summer for Massage on a Thursday. You may select the “Cosmic wave” theme when scheduling your appointment.

For more information about Watsu, see the Watsu website

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

I hold weekly Prenatal Yoga Classes at my studio, Massage+Yoga and believe that Prenatal Yoga is the very best Childbirth Preparation that clients can give themselves.

Registration for yoga class attendance is accessed through our website, Please sign up to attend a class online from the website.

Yoga class rates: Drop in class: 15.00, 8 class pass: 80.00, 4 class pass: 48.00

Prenatal Yoga: Saturdays at 11:00am – 12:15pm

Postnatal Yoga with pre-crawling baby: Wednesdays 11:00am-12:15pm

Bring your baby and return to yoga for self care as well as baby yoga and massage techniques and play time.

Connecting with other mothers on this beautiful, challenging, and transformational journey of motherhood journey is one of the top benefits of both prenatal and postnatal yoga and can prevent or reduce depression and anxiety, as well as creating life-long friendships!

Postpartum Massage with Baby

When your bleeding has subsided and you need a break from your home environment, schedule a postnatal massage with your baby. Alternatively, if you need a break from baby, you may choose to come for a massage without baby. You are also welcome to bring your husband or mother in law or mother or friend who is helping you and they can relax in our studio with the baby while you receive a massage, and it will be easy to access you if you are needed for the baby at any time. We have custom built, wide and low tables which make it easy to give the postpartum mother a massage while nursing in a side-lying position. Once the baby is 3 months of age, they tend to be too old for this approach.

Monthly Workshops for the Childbearing Year

I also hold 2 Monthly Workshops at Massage+Yoga to support my expecting family clients: The workshops are held on the 2nd and third Sunday of Each Month. Doula Clients receive 10.00 off the monthly workshops.

Childbirth Preparation Workshop for expecting Couples: 2nd Sunday of every month 2:00-4:30pm $60.00 per couple

Hallie Butler, RN, and Summer Greenlees, LMT,CYT, Doula walk the expecting couple through what to expect and how to prepare yourself for your best possible birth experience. Thorough information from experienced Doula and Labor and Delivery nurse help you to prepare with information and tools to use together to reduce stress, minimize pain, and deepen and preserve precious and loving, bonding experiences for Mom, Dad (or birth partner) and the new baby.

Infant Massage Class: 2:00-3:00pm 3rd Sunday of each month, 30.00 per couple

There are Many benefits of Infant Massage for both the giver(parents) and for the receiver (baby).

For baby, Infant massage helps to support digestion, sleep, nervous system development, right/left brain balance and function, stress reduction and much more. For the Parent, Infant massage reduces stress, provides a time to connect with baby without distractions, and learn to read baby’s cues and provides a loving way to care for baby. This is especially helpful for dads who cannot breastfeed to soothe the baby, and provides a means of communication and connection which strengthens bonds for a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I come in for Prenatal Massages?

The frequency that you see your OBGYN or Midwife is a great frequency for Prenatal Massage visits.

Alternatively, I have seen excellent results from weekly massage appointments as preparation for birth and motherhood.

When do I call you to come while I am in labor?

Call me when you think you are in early Labor. Because relaxation and stress reduction is so important during early labor to prevent fatigue later on, I am happy to come and give you massage in your home, remind you of relaxation techniques and positions, and leave if you fall asleep or labor stops and I am no longer needed. If I do leave, then I am on “stand by” and can return when I am needed again. When active labor is going on, you are supported continuously.

With the hourly rate, and 12 hours of active labor support allocated in the birth contract, how does that work if my labor goes over 12 hours? Or under 12 hours?

It is important that you are not concerned about the clock or your hours used while you are in labor. I work to conserve your hours used by taking breaks when I am not needed. For example, during early labor, I may give you a massage, and then while things are still warming up and my support is not immediately needed, I can step away, and go on stand by without accumulating hours used. Many times, the bulk of hours experienced during labor can be spread across one or multiple days while labor is still very early, or warming up.

It is important that you have continuous labor support during the active portion of your labor and birth. With 10 years of Doula Support experience, using the same contract and allotment of hours, it has been approximately 5 contracts that have gone over the amount of hours allocated.

I follow up after the birth in these cases and submit the hours used over all, and the rest of payment is collected at the clients convenience. We offer payment plans if requested.

Not one time has paying for extra hours been an issue for my clients. More often than not, clients elect to pay additional money, and have additional hours of massage support requested.

If your labor goes under the amount of time allotted for your birth, additional hours prepaid can be used for postpartum massage.

If you are interested in speaking with a former Doula Client, email and she can connect you.

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