Birth Planning

During the birth planning meeting we walk through the birth plan, discuss all options available, and get familiar with usual routines and hospital protocols to be aware of as you create the birth experience of your choosing. Click here to download a helpful birth planning worksheet from Mother’s Advocate.

Your birth plan is exactly that, it is yours. Just as your birth, and your baby are yours. My role is to support the birthing family unit in having a positive, healthy, peaceful, joyous experience.

I consider there to be two birth plans, one which is oriented to the hospital staff and setting, and one that is oriented to your heart and soul, your family and your partnership. We discuss both in depth to become best acquainted with your best birth vision.

In the end, it is always valuable to balance a Birth Plan with acceptance for what arises in the present moment.

We can do everything in our power to create or plan a birth experience that is ideal, and it is important to be loyal to your inner guidance and intuition in regards to your birth and what you want.

It is also important to balance that plan with a non-grasping attitude as well. Of course, when it comes to birth (and parenting as well) not everything is within our control. It is important to be informed, to plan well, to be empowered in your birth experience. It is also of great value to not become attached to the specifics of a birth plan, and to recognize when a change in plan is a healthy and positive thing.

Having an open mind and hand with your birth experience as well as being in control of your own birth, choices and power is an important point of balance to cultivate for birth and beyond!

When or if the birth changes course and may require more medical intervention than was planned for, it is important to recognize and be grateful that the resources that you and the baby need to be safe and healthy are available to us, and using them when they are needed is a blessing to be great full for.

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