The Yoga Revolution

I am happy to announce my first program! The Yoga Revolution is your nine-month Journey of Rebirth and Renewal through the eight limbs of Yoga, Watsu, Repatterning, and Regenerative Superfood Nutrition. Each month is dedicated to a limb of yoga. We will explore the ancient wisdom of yoga and discover practical applications for everyday life … Continue reading The Yoga Revolution

Restoration & Resiliency Workshop

Join and learn with Summer on how to make the best use of your rest days to Restore & Heal. This 2-hour workshop covers: "Spinal Flossing"- a somatic therapy that helps restore your spine. Restorative Yoga Acupressure and Mudras for self-healing Embodiment tools that assist you in lowering anxiety and stress levels and recovering from … Continue reading Restoration & Resiliency Workshop

Somatic Yoga and Myofascial Realease Saturdays at Shuniya

Announcing my public Saturday Yoga class @ Shuniya Yoga Collective! Saturdays at 10:30 AM CST This gentle Hatha Yoga class will allow you to feel into the sensations or "soma" that you are experiencing during mindful movement, mantra, mudra and deep relaxation. The heart of our practice time will be using different techniques specifically designed … Continue reading Somatic Yoga and Myofascial Realease Saturdays at Shuniya