Happy Lunar New Year

We are entering the year of the Green, Wood, Dragon. A year for prosperity, growth, resilience, and success.

In this New, Lunar Year, I am offering some very powerful and exciting offerings I do not want you to miss!

Here are some brief descriptions with the links to register.

Coming up soon!

All events are hosted at Shuniya Yoga Collective, 1708 Houston St., Austin, TX, 78756

Soulful Sunday, A Musical Somatic Yoga Experience!

Join me and my musician friends Mohammad Firoozi, Lance Harris, and RP Watson, as we serenade you in a sacred journey of your self-awareness and the elements of nature within and around you.

Move, sing, breathe, flow, and relax in this beautiful musical experience of oneness and connectedness with yourself, your community, and our world.

Sunday, Feb 4, 5:00pm-6:30pm

Event Info and Register link- Soulful Sunday Somatic Yoga Journey with Live, World Music

Yoga Renewal

An 8 week, Somatic Yoga Fundamentals course for Beginning yoga students and for those in a season of renewal who are looking to begin again with a personalized, somatic yoga practice.

Event Info and Register link- Yoga Renewal 8 week series

Partner Yoga and Massage Workshop

Bring your Partner or Friend and learn some simple, soothing, de-stressing, connecting partner yoga and massage techniques to give and receive with your friends, family and loved ones.

Participants will be treated to a fun and luxurious experience, chocolates included!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! (Or Friendship Day, as it is in Mexico)

Event Info and Register Link- Partner Yoga and Massage Workshop

Spring Renewal Cleanse and Healthy Lifestyle Reset

Can you feel that Spring is around the corner?

It will soon be time for cleaning out the closets, deep cleaning the house, cars, and practicing a refreshing and gentle, detoxifying cleanse. Seasonal cleansing is a key aspect of a Yoga & Ayurvedic Lifestyle. It is a great way to align with the rhythms of nature.

Every Year, for the past 8-9 years, I participate in and help to facilitate a Spring Renewal Cleanse and Healthy Lifestyle Reset program with a small, supportive group.

This is my go-to resource for up-leveling my healthy lifestyle habits and self-care each year.

Break addictions and patterns that don’t serve you, establish healthy lifestyle habits that are easy, convenient, and sustainable, increase your resiliency towards stress, enjoy less inflammation, pain, and tension in your body, heal and restore your gut microbiome, sleep better, and experience empowerment to live and feel your very best.

If you would like to join me this year in our Spring Renewal Cleanse and Healthy Lifestyle Reset, I have a 50-200.00 discount towards the superfood products for new participants.

For your free, wellness consultation and gift discount, contact me and mention “Spring Renewal”. We will schedule your wellness consultation and explore how you can best be supported in this program. Also, please feel free to text me at 512-944-9924 with “Spring Renewal” in the text body.

My Gifts of appreciation for you!

Attend one event listed above and receive $20 off your next Bodywork or Private Somatic Repatterning session. Attend two events listed above and receive $40 off the price of your next Bodywork or Private Somatic Repatterning session. Attend all 3 events listed above and receive $60 off the price of your next Bodywork, Private session, or gift certificate for a loved one.

Thank you so much for your support! I appreciate you!

Enter the Journey of the Dragon

This new Lunar New Year, I will be sharing a “Monday Night Live” on Monday nights at 8 pm, beginning Feb 12th, 2024.

These mini classes, talks, and question and answer opportunities will go along in the theme of the eight limbs of Yoga, Yoga Renewal, and my ongoing, somatic, fascial yoga classes, sharing golden nuggets from the series and classes, as they progress through this year. I will be sharing links and resources for deeper dives for participants, and common resources that I often share with massage clients.

During Watsu season in the warm and hot times of the year, I will be sharing more about Watsu and Aquatic Somatic Yoga practices that you can use in your pool, shower, bathtub, and more. The Monday night live series of online classes will also feature supportive information and practices for the seasonal cleansing and eco wellness nutritional programs that I participate in

All of the practices, resources, links, and online classes that I will be sharing along this journey on Monday nights in 2024, will be shared in the spirit of renewal, growth, health, prosperity, longevity, and resilience for all people and for the good of our planet, in the spirit of the kind, benevolent, and wise companion for our journey this year, the Green, Wood Dragon.

Please stay connected and watch for the Monday Night Live, online classes and connection time on my social media, and watch for your invitation to join a Monday Night Live Zoom meeting together. More Information and invitations to come!

Monday Night live, Lunar Year Dragon journey will be shared on my YouTube channel soon, and on my website, for those not on social media.

Please utilize this opportunity to share with me your questions and experiences, so that I may learn from you on this journey of shared inquiry and resilient growth and learning. This is a free offering for the public for 2024 as my business continues in this new chapter of growth.

I look forward to connecting as this journey unfolds!

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