The Yoga Revolution

I am happy to announce my first program!

The Yoga Revolution is your nine-month Journey of Rebirth and Renewal through the eight limbs of Yoga, Watsu, Repatterning, and Regenerative Superfood Nutrition.

Each month is dedicated to a limb of yoga. We will explore the ancient wisdom of yoga and discover practical applications for everyday life that assist us in living our best lives. 

Each month is also dedicated to one of the eight foundational yoga classes that move through the basics of developmental movement repatterning in yoga practice. At the end of the 8 foundational classes, you will have a basic vocabulary and language for your own personalized somatic yoga practice. This practice will give you resources for daily living in meditation and breathwork, healthy lifestyle practices from Yoga and ayurveda that help you have longevity and regenerative health in all aspects of life, Mind, Body, and Spirit. 

Each Yoga Revolution includes Watsu and Bodywork sessions.

We meet twice a month, and depending on the material we are currently exploring, what your needs are, and what the watsu season is, the number of watsu sessions given will vary.

Rebirthing with the birth tub at my private therapy office, bathtub yoga homework practices, and aqua yoga practices accessible in pools when weather permits will be integral aspects of the Yoga Revolution as a Rebirth experience. Self Healing practices with water that you can access in your daily life will be one of the tools that the Yoga Revolution will empower you with.

Each Yoga Revolution includes the option to purchase the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation.

This superfood cleansing and nutrition package will help you during your Yoga Revolution experience and beyond. It is my most supportive self-care tool, and you might find it to be the most powerful aspect of your Yoga Revolution program.

Nutrition and daily eating habits strongly affect the body, mind, and spirit.

As we create your yoga practice, we also integrate nutrition to nourish, detoxify, and support healthy habits for greater ease and enjoyment in the future.

As we repattern in our yoga practice, in the water, and with bodywork, the tool of nutrition will assist you in repatterning your every day wellness routines. 

Meeting online or in person two times a month, for 90-minute sessions, for Nine Months.

Each week has recommended reading and inquiries. You will be given a list of resources and books to read to support your journey.

During the 9-month Revolution program, we will maintain an exchange via telegram, Voxer, or messenger to share questions, photos of practices, links, resources, and insights. This exchange will help document your journey as you go along and will keep us both informed.

Pricing and payment options

I am offering a special $2,447 for my first two Yoga Revolution students for this 9-month program. 

Payment options: Initial deposit of 600.00 and 8 monthly payments of 231.00 OR

                             Nine payments of 271.88

Each Yoga Revolution program is designed to suit the individual student.

Your program will be custom designed for you. 

Elements that are integrated into this program;

  • The Eight Limbs of Yoga. Yoga as a lifestyle practice.
    • The precursors to yoga practice, the four Brahmavahara, 
    • The eight limbs of yoga include the following; The Yamas and Niyamas, Pratyahara, Pranayama, Asana, Dharana, Dhiana, Samadhi
  • Rebirthing, as taught by Rima Star, and Ebb and Flow Integration Breath and Bodywork practices. This resource integrates the therapeutic use of water, specific breath patterns, affirmation, color, and touch. Moving through the phases of your gestation, birth and postpartum period gently and compassionately, identifying patterns that were bonded with at different stages of development and boding with new patterns for healing and renewal, and embracing each day as a new birth are some of the aspects we will explore. 
  • Human Embryological Developmental movement Repatterning– Our developmental movement patterns present a blueprint of the body’s innate intelligence and how it can be supported with stability and ease. We explore movement repatterning within your yoga practice. We uncover and dismantle patterns that have obstructed the natural movement patterns for improved posture, easier breathing, increased strength and stability, longevity, and injury prevention. Repatterning addresses how you move in yoga and how you move in everyday life actions, as well as any fitness activity.
  • The 8-fold path of Yoga. Each month of the 9-month Yoga Revolution will be dedicated to one of the limbs of Yoga. The 4 Bramavahara are a precursor to Yoga practice, like a warm-up for the eight limbs. Our first two weeks of the nine months will be dedicated to the Four Bramavahara, preparing us for the following deep dive into each of the 8 limbs of yoga. Becoming well acquainted with the eight limbs of yoga helps you to more thoroughly understand yoga as practitioner and empowers you to live a life in a good relationship with yourself and others, your yoga practice becoming a way of life. 
  • My experience as a Doula;
    • As a Childbirth and Postpartum Doula for 12 years, I supported people through the journey of becoming mothers and parents. A Doula is not a medical provider but is there to BE WITH the mother and family, an important part of your team of support,  empowering them with information, support for them to be heard and to make informed decisions, and using the tools of yoga and massage to provide stress relief, pain relief, wellness care, preparation for and recovery after childbirth. Often, my most powerful gift of support was simply being present and being with people through experiences that challenged and pushed them to their limits and beyond. Pregnancy requires change and transformation at every level of a woman’s being. Relationships (every relationship), work, finances, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health and wellness are all touched by pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and Motherhood. It is a deep journey of transformation. And, as I discovered, it is only the beginning. 
    • As a Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor for over 25 years, I am still serving as a Doula, not for my client’s childbirth, but for the specific transformational journey they are experiencing. These can be big life changes like serious illness, injury recovery, transitions with children leaving home, life path changes with your work or location, divorce, and other, often traumatic, difficult journeys. Or, the YOga Revolution Journey can be a powerful way to uplevel your self-care and take your Yoga and healthy lifestyle practice more seriously with support.  I help my clients weather the storms in life with grace, ease, and, most importantly, with support and presence.
    • I will be your Doula, a member of your team or circle of support for your personal journey of transformation. Whatever your journey experience, I will be here to support you as your Doula for your Rebirth. I understand that listening without projecting or interrupting and holding space for your safety and transformation is a powerful and supportive service, integral to the other tools and resources I provide for you during this time.
  • Watsu- Watsu and Healing Dance are both Aquatic Bodywork given in body-temperature water. This healing experience is profound, as it places us in the womb-like environment, in the healing element of water. For my Yoga Revolution students, because we are working gradually over time, with a layered approach, interweaving elements of yoga, bodywork, breathwork, rebirthing and Watsu together, our Watsu sessions will be profound experiences, integral to the entire Revolution experience. Also, when we spend time in the therapy pool together, we can further awaken and explore the fluid developmental movement patterns, which, once awakened, provide incredible support for your yoga practice and movements on land. 
  • Superfoods support and cleansing-  I have learned through my experience with my body and feedback from my massage therapists, as well as from touching and interacting with hundreds of bodies as an LMT and Yoga Instructor, that when we add to our diet, living, green, alkalizing superfood nutrition, that the inflammation is reduced, pain is reduced, mental clarity in improved, the mood is improved, elimination, skin, and sleep are also benefitted, and we get quicker results from our fitness activities. As an aspect of the Yoga Revolution, a straightforward program will be made available that you can utilize to assist the body in healing and transformation powerfully. The way we eat is part of our Yoga lifestyle established in the Yoga Revolution. This is not a “diet,” and I am not a fan of highly restrictive diets or dieting. My philosophy with self-healing and eating well is to pay close attention to how you feel, to begin right where you are with complete acceptance, and to simply add in very easy things that assist in gently nourishing, alkalizing, detoxifying you rather than overly focus on what you cannot have, or what you shouldn’t do. As part of your Yoga Revolution program, the option for a supported cleanse will be made available to you. Still, many options can be explored and adapted based on your situation and what works best for you. I will be available to support you every step of the way. The organic superfood program available for Yoga Revolution participants can be a profound tool for breaking addictions and starting new healthy lifestyle practices. In my experience, this framework of support has made up leveling an authentic experience that only improves over time, rather than a less supportive or extreme approach, which can lead to yo-yo results, self-sabotage, and lack of a feeling of making real progress with feeling healthier and maintaining good health in an easy and doable way. 

The Yoga Revolution is for Those who;

  • Are experiencing a transformational life experience, or are planning to.
  • Are interested in personal growth, self-care, breathwork, self discovery, embodied awareness, transformation, health, yoga, Rebirth, living your best life, Healthy eating and living habits, feeling your best, overcoming obstacles, up leveling your self-care.
  • Are Bodyworkers, healers, birth workers, Doulas, Moms, Dads, Therapists, and Caregivers ready to uplevel your self-care game and learn to offer your work with greater stability and ease, reducing strain, injury, burnout, and wear and tear on your body, mind, heart, emotions, and spirit.
  • Are interested in deepening their understanding of Yoga, having (creating, refreshing, or strengthening) a personal yoga practice, or teaching yoga.
  • Have recovered from an injury or serious illness and are restarting life or fitness activities after a pause. 
  • If you are recovering from a toxic relationship dynamic. 
  • Are navigating life with illness or other significant challenges and require support, healing services, learning empowering self-healing practices, and a soft place to land as you process your experience, and begin a new life for yourself.