Luminosity: A Black Light Yoga Experience

A Special Black Light Yoga event

Thursdays for $30 from 7pm to 11pm. Starting Nov. 10th.

@ The Oven, 6910 Shirley Avenue, Austin TX 78752 (Google Map)

Presented by The Underground

November 10th & 17th with Summer Greenlees

You may book through the embed below or directly on Eventbrite:

Below the surface.

Like free diving into the depths of my embodiment.

I enjoy plugging in deeply, rooting, grounding… into the darkness, the spaces within that can remain dark and unexplored, untapped.. if I remain within my culturally conditioned perspectives…

We have more senses than we know we have.

There are more directions than our four directions, more senses than our 5 senses.

We can actually discover, sense, and feel the cellular matrix that dynamically composes our physical embodiment.

At first, it is dark and unknown, but when the perception shifts in just the right way, when we can abandon the method we cling to, when we can loosen our grip on doing and making things happen, when we empty ourselves, our perception into the deep pause of stillness, the space between the breath..

We can step through the doorway there, into the physical organization of meditation.

If we can remain focused, with softness..

We can dive in through the center, from the head to the depths of the perineum.

Once dissolved here, like a nymph in the process of becoming a dragonfly, having gotten our constructed selves out of the way, we can perceive the light within, we can move from a place of inspired action. The cellular respiration becomes the support for the movement. The prana illuminating our cells and beating our hearts, breathing our lungs becomes the driver.

The outer self, the muscles and bones and the little you that likes to do, can then be supported by a great wave of life.

Like a jellyfish, our diaphragm instinctively knows how to catch the wave. We don’t have to tell it what to do. It arises to support us. If we can dive deep to meet it.

This bioluminescence is within us. Always there, never noticed.

Let’s explore these depths together.
In a safe, gentle, playful, fun, breath based, inquiry based, bioluminescent embodied jellyfish yoga vinyasa flow.


Thank you for your support!

You may book through the embed below or directly on Eventbrite:

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